JOHN STEWART – B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc., has seen patients and clients for 20 years in individual and group psychotherapy. He helps to alleviate emotional, psychological and mental distress into wellbeing through evidence-based and wider approaches.
John works with GPs or Consultant Psychiatrists, and other clinicians on a regular basis. He writes for newspapers, magazines and is consultant to authors, the most recent being Sir Ranulph Fiennes new book “FEAR”, first released on October 6th 2016, and now in paperback.

He studied psychology and psychotherapy for 10 years and helps those with:
John Stewart believes in treating the patient not the theory:
Learn all your theories but when the patient walks into the room – forget them! - Dr Carl Gustav Jung

Loving someone is not just about passion. It is also about cultivating the interests and individuality of your loved one. - Erich Fromm